Primary Colored swirl ornament, DO-PrSw-004

Primary Colored swirl ornament, DO-PrSw-004

Not your typical Christmas Ornament to put on your tree, but it will definitely be standing out.

This ornament started out as a regular 2-3/4 inch round glass Christmas ornament and was covered with individually hand-coiled strands of clay. The colors used for the coils were the primary colors red, blue and yellow which resulted in a rainbow of colors during the extruding process. After having placed all the coils, the ornament was covered in liquid clay and cured at a high temperature to give it a lovely shine and to bond all the strands of clay together.

The cap of the ornament is securely attached to the ornament.

As the glass is covered by a thin layer of polymer clay, the ornament is much stronger than regular glass ornaments. However, this ornament still needs to be handled with care so that the 'core' ornament does not break.

You will receive the ornament pictured.