Whimsical Purse charm - Purple, Item CC-BiPC-007

Whimsical Purse charm - Purple, Item CC-BiPC-007

This whimsical charm can be attached to your purse or anything else that you would like to give some whimsical personality.

The birds are handmade out of polymer clay without the use of any moulds. They are strung on black blue waxed cotton cord and have a large clasp that can be attached to many things. Even though the birds were made by me, the original design is by Jolanda van Noordenburg.

The total length of the item is about 4.5 inches; minor differences may occur for each item.
The bird you will receive is one of identical colorings as the one pictured, but the detailing on the wings, the position of the head and the length of the tail may be slightly different for each bird.

  • Details

    For each bird sold, 75% of the purchase price will be donated to the no-kill S.O.S. Animal Shelter in Enterprise, AL (so, of each bird sold, $ 7.50 will be donated).